Frequently Asked Questions

Windshield Crack Repair

Q: Can I come to your shop for my windshield repair?

A: We are a mobile service only.

Q: How long does the appointment take?

A: For windshield chip and crack repair the entire appointment usually lasts 20-30 minutes, and for glass scratch removal depending on the size and depth of the damage, we can typically restore a piece of glass in a couple of hours.

Q: Is there a discount for multiple rock chips?

A: Yes, we offer a significant discount for the second and third rock chips if they are all repaired during the same appointment.

Q: Why don't other glass shops offer this long crack repair system?

A: Unfortunately, most glass shops are interested in selling new windshields and not saving the existing windshield. We are a repair first, replace only when necessary shop. We care about saving your dollars.

Glass Scratch Removal

Q: Do you have to remove the glass to repair it?

A: No – that’s one of the benefits of glass resurfacing, there is no need to remove the glass in order to renew the surface.

Q: What kind of damage can be repaired?

A: Scratched or pitted glass, scratch or acid graffiti, calcium and mineral deposits from hard water, manufacturer defects, construction damage, all kinds of surface damage.

Q: Are the repairs visible?

A: No – The Polished window panes will look no different from untouched ones.

Q: How long does it take?

A: Much depends on the size and depth of the damage. Typically, we can restore a piece of glass in a couple of hours.

Q: Will it weaken the glass?

A: No – The scratch has already weakened the glass although we are not strengthening it we are removing the strain, with that in mind, our technicians remove the scratch creating a structurally sound piece of glass.

Q: How deep of a scratch can you repair?

A: We haven’t found a scratch that we can’t repair. Many people tell you that if you can feel the scratch with your fingernail, it can’t be removed. That is absolutely NOT true!

Q: Does it work on tinted glass?

A: Yes – the system won’t take anything away since the tint goes all the way through the glass.

Q: Will it work on curved glass?

A: Yes – Absolutely we have the same brilliant results on all types of curved glass, our system can reach places before considered unreachable.

Q: Once graffiti caused from vandals is removed, what will stop them from vandalizing again?

A: When vandals begin to realize that property owners will not tolerate graffiti vandalism, they typically don’t return because they don’t like their “artwork” removed.

Q: Do you guarantee your work?

A: Absolutely, We are licensed, insured and guarantee all our work in writing.