Glass Scratch Removal

Save Your Glass • Recycle • Save Money

Shop front plate window glass is one of the most expensive glass purchases money can buy. And when excessive scratching or graffiti affects your plate glass it also affects your business. We can Polish out and repair graffiti scratches acid etching, chemical damage from Plate Glass Windows, Curved Glass, Glass Tables and Car Glass all at a fraction of the replacement cost. We are also deep scratch specialists up to .014 inch deep. We have repaired graffiti damage that had glass fragments chipped away and glass dust throughout the damaged area and we successfully removed this without any noticeable distortion.

Our primary goal is to save you money, we will always consider the replacement price before taking on renovation. The typical fee is approximately 1/4 to 1/2 of the cost to replace the entire glass pane depending on the size and severity of the damage and we will always provide honest advice to save you money, call us for a FREE QUOTE today.

The past few years a number of retailers shop fronts have been badly graffiti scratched and acid etched, Graffiti is usually caused by forcing a hard metal object such as a knife, screwdriver or a spark plug over the surface of the glass, until recently there was no other choice but to replace the glass or leave it. This growing problem led us to a more cost effective method of repairing the glass. Since 2005, we have our own unique polishing process designed especially for repairing graffiti damaged glass panes allowing huge savings compared to replacement costs. The results of polishing are so impressive that we are able to completely restore, reface and renew the glass to its original condition without distorting the glass leaving you with a pane looking like new.

Window glass and windshields can’t be recycled. Choosing the repair option helps keep windshields out of landfills.

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We couldn’t be happier with the service and professionalism offered by Ron Cook. The glass was repaired quickly and perfectly. You can’t even tell there was ever a problem.

Hank Melbourne

Santa Barbara